fat nasty trash

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i'm a girl and i'm 21 and cats
here's my tagged/me
(some are nsfw!!!!)
and here's my smokin' hot boyfriend !

pls don’t say ur “triggered” if what u mean is “mildly upset and want people to pay attention” to you

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Not all women have vaginas.

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I could touch my nipples forever

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thank u Obama for the aca otherwise I’d be over my premium and would’ve had to give up 3 work weeks + weekends and ot to pay for a cat scan

then I’d pray that I didn’t get kicked off my stepmom’s insurance plan or have my co-pay go up


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I never fell for that “no man will understand women” bullshit that male characters on tv would say I literally grasped the concept of women being individuals as a child through my sisters and mother how fucking ignorant can someone be

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catch me in ur bathroom drinkin out the faucet cuz I’m too embarassed to ask ur mom where the cups are

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mirror mirror on the wall


mirror mirror on the wall

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